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JA Retail Reimagined Challenge

Program length
(OLE learning time)

Approx 25 learning hours over 3 months

Target participants

University Students

Class Size

6-8 students will form a team


Cantonese (supplemented by English)

Program format

Workshops and competitions will conduct face to face

Retail Reimagined Challenge is organized by the Hong Kong Retail Management Association in partnership with Junior Achievement Hong Kong (JAHK).

Under the shifting retail landscape, different stakeholders have dramatically changed their behavior and expectations. Consumers are shopping differently and demanding speed and sustainability. Employees are seeking workplace flexibility, while shareholders expect profitable growth. The pace and magnitude of change have been jarring and calls for a radical rethinking, offering the new generation tremendous opportunities to discover and thrive through all the changes.

University students will form teams of 6-8 and be tasked to develop their creative ideas to reinvent the retail landscape.

The 3-month learning journey will entail:

Retail Inspire: Leaders will share latest trends on how the retail industry has been transformed under the pandemic challenge, exciting examples of success and innovations, and their passion and career roadmap in retail.

JA Innovation Camp: Full-day experiential workshop for teams to be guided by business volunteers and put practice over theory and develop their creative ideas to reinvent the future retail landscape.

Mentorship: Shortlisted teams will be matched with an experienced mentor to further develop their videos to visualize their creative retail ideas, and get better prepared for the Challenge.

Challenge Finale: Teams will present their videos in an online battle and in front of a professional judging panel to compete for various awards and recognitions.

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