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JA Plan for Future

Program length
(OLE learning time)


Target participants

Form 1 to Form 6

Class Size



English or Cantonese

Program format

Seminar, Workshop & Career Experience

The program is a progressive, and interactive activities with multiple touch-points from exercise toolkit, seminar, workshop and workplace activity. Through 12 activities, students will develop self-understanding, foster career aspirations, design their education and career future and experience the real work environment of their interested industries. It helps students to understand the different paths and importance of life planning.

12 Plan for Future activities:

  1. Self-understanding & Life Plan Workshop
  2. Career Kaleidoscope: Speed Mentoring Workshop
  3. Study, Career & Entrepreneurship Pathways in Greater Bay Area Seminar
  4. Subject Selection & DSE Tips Seminar
  5. University Application & Admission Interview Seminar
  6. Careers 4.0 Seminar
  7. Resume Writing & Mock Interview Workshop
  8. Workplace Immersion
  9. Future Skills Workshop
  10. Careers 4.0 & Youth Life Planning Parents Seminar
  11. JA Youth Life Planning Teacher Seminar & Sharing Session
  12. Youth Life Planning Toolkit

Program Highlights

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